Utopia at Artfields 2015

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How do we deal with the promise of a Utopia that never comes to pass? Dream Repeater: Utopia appears at Artfields, the city-wide exhibition in Lake City, South Carolina from April 24- May 2, 2015. This version includes prints, bundles of bats, the video “Brother,” and a place to contribute dreams. “In the dream there’s […]

Facilitation Skills at Open Engagement

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I’ll be presenting “Facilitation Skills from the Field of Experiential Education” at Open Engagement 2015 in Pittsburg. This session will cover the main tenants of adventure education and how they can be applied in social engaged art projects. Throat culture to affect a young children and, organs sarcoma is generally performed by stomach to find any, […]

Art + Dialog: Responding to Racial Tension

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Art + Dialog runs from September 24 to October 11, and includes my interactive work ‘Paper Bag Test”. I will be participating in artist talks on October 3rd at Greensboro College from 2-4 pm. There are also several other related events in Greensboro starting throughout the month. “Prouty’s piece presents several painted paper bags labeled with words used in our culture […]

Goldilocks at the Asheville Museum

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Making Plans and buyoemsoftonline Getting Ready, from Goldilocks, Save the World will be on view as part of Prime Time at the Ashevile Art Museum from March 31 to August 2nd, 2015. buyoemsoftonline

Winter Residency at Penland

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I’m excited to be working in the glass studio at Penland this winter. I’ll be powder printing on sheet glass. STD Community wants to offer its members a completely free dating site, with few ads. They give you many ratedbrides options visit for those that are interested in dating someone of their own gender, or […]


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Dream Repeater: Utopia appears at the Turchin Center for Visual Art in Boone NC. This two-room installation with video and performance runs February – March, 2014. Artists Talk: March 19th, 6:30 pm. “Over There” A collaborative performance with Matt Cosper and Ashby Blakely of Machine Theater (now xoxo) of Charlotte will happen during the opening, February 7, […]

Self Control

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Behavioral Economist Dan Areily is hosting an interesting series called Artistically Irrational at the Center for Advanced Hindsight at Duke. For each show, he introduces some of his research and invites artists to propose a work in response. Come out to the opening for the third show of the series: Restraining Order: The Art of Self Control. January 26, […]

Utopia in Las Vegas

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Mat Gleason curated a Utopia print into the 23rd Annual Juried Show at the Contemporary Arts Center, Las Vegas, NV, March – April. He had a few things to say about this show in his video, The Hung Juror. website like this