Self Control

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Behavioral Economist Dan Areily is hosting an interesting series called Artistically Irrational at the Center for Advanced Hindsight at Duke. For each show, he introduces some of his research and invites artists to propose a work in response.

Come out to the opening for the third show of the series: Restraining Order: The Art of Self Control. January 26, 6-9. My piece is called ‘Developing the Habit’ and documents a certain 2 year old practicing self viagrabuynow control.

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Restraining Order: The Art of Self Control
Developing the Habit.

In listening to Dan talk about self-control, I began to think immediately about my daughter. She is two. I’ve heard the studies linking self-control and her future success in the world, and I have found myself watching her carefully for signs. What signs exactly? I’m not sure, but I am watchful. What signs, in a two year old, should I hope to see? Would it be more or less disturbing to notice tremendous self control in a two year old? As a mom, perhaps it is my job to help her develop self-control. I propose to document Eliza practicing self-control, with out the promise of delayed gratification, without diversion, and with only me observing her.

Each day for 18 days – ask my two year old daughter to wait.
Set up a computer, and ask Eliza to wait to type on it.
Photograph her waiting.
Time her until she starts typing.
Photograph her face at the moment she starts to type.

The photographs will be arranged chronologically, with the space between the first and second photographs marking the length of time she waited before typing, and what she typed below that.