Toys Falling at Flatrocks Gallery

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For the latest addition to the Dream Repeater show, I asked a group of people to join me in working with the dream ‘Toys Falling.’ Artists, writers and a choreographer each took the dream as a starting point for creating work. For some this was a natural extension of what they were doing in the studio, for others a larger leap and experiment.

Opening: Saturday, August 3rd, 7-9pm (Dance performance by Sarah Slifer-Swift beginning at 7:30)

Reading: Saturday, August 10th, 7pm.

Flatrocks Gallery

77 Langsford Street, Gloucester, MA 01930

I wanted to look at how a small community might embrace the process of building meaning. I wanted to forego anonymity to examine how personal connections can influence work and change meaning. The result is a show that takes place in my hometown, at a new community gallery a half-mile from my childhood home. I was able to walk to the gallery to install the show, and have an article appear in the local paper. Each person involved in the show is someone I know well, or someone with some connection to the place, the gallery, or to my history. The connections were sometimes revealed in the process of building the show. As one example, an artist suggested by the gallery turned out to have been my father’s student 30 odd years ago, and so knew me as a 6 year-old tagalong to track practice.  And he also knew one of the poets as his old debate coach.

This type of connection changes the project in ways that I’m happily still discovering. People know each other, will read the work differently because of this, and may discover connections they were not aware of. The visual/verbal languages used in the show may or may not connect to each other, but together they build an experience that is tied to a certain place, time and culture.

If you find yourself in my hometown, please stop by to see the show. I’d love to hear your responses.