Art + Dialog: Responding to Racial Tension

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Art + Dialog runs from September 24 to October 11, and includes my interactive work ‘Paper Bag Test”. I will be participating in artist talks on October 3rd at Greensboro College from 2-4 pm. There are also several other related events in Greensboro starting throughout the month.

Fair, Paper Bag Test

“Prouty’s piece presents several painted paper bags labeled with words used in our culture to describe skin tones. Visitors are invited to add their own comments and labels to the bags, and to post selfies taken with the bags under #paperbagtest.

“The paper bag test is said to have been used to separate black people into two categories – those lighter that a paper is there a generic viagra bag, and those darker. People lighter than a paper bag were welcome in certain clubs, those darker were sorted to others. I remember thinking, ‘Which paper bag are we using?’ when I first heard about the test.”