Dream Repeater is a series of installations involving sculpture, printmaking, video, performance and collaboration. Dream Repeater displays the transmission of power through narrative, by morphing an intimate story into a riff on the open cultural exchange. Each installation explores the themes embedded in an anonymously donated dream.

For example, “Goldilocks, Save The World” explores the themes of girl power, naivete, impossibility, hope and futility, using dry humor and a hand crafters sensibility.  “Utopia” deals with frustration, violence, desire and longing, false promise and the performance of masculinity, using surrogates and symbolic ritual.

She adopts these dreams as her own and retells them. She remakes them, rewrites them, and invites others to do so along with her, building a somewhat dissonant narrative environment. She works with writers, dancer/choreographers, musicians, theater groups, visitors, and community members, asking these collaborators to recreate someone else’s dream from their perspective, in their own way.

Each installation evolves for a specific site, and community. In their next incarnation, they are reconfigured to respond to the new location and audience. Pieces are added, changed and removed as the installations evolve over time and in different contexts.

Prouty is influenced by the Yoruban religion in West Africa. Specifically, she is interested in how Loa/Orisha (gods) develop through the ritual practice of telling and retelling the stories of, and making offerings to real ancestors, who become powerful in all their complexity. She seeks to create her own practice of the transmission of power through narrative, in both personal and public performance. Remix culture, viral transmission of meaning, and appropriation are current forms of this phenomenon, which occurs in various ways in many cultures.

Dream Repeater is a series of invitations to the dreamers, the artist, her collaborators, and their audiences. We are invited to be owners and repeaters of a story, allowing ourselves to become entangled in both the process and the ideas. These entanglements mimic how meaning develops. Over time, through appropriations, misunderstandings and repetitions, these narratives enter the viral tides of our culture.

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