Goldilocks, Save the World: House

Cape Ann Museum, Gloucester, MA

For the Dream Repeater project, I'm collecting dreams from other people and then repeating them in various ways. I remake the dreams, I retell them, I reenact them and I invite others to adopt them.

This repetition features an installation in all the rooms of the White Ellery House, a 1710 saltbox.

I’m Goldilocks, and I understand that it’s my job to save the world.
So I’m making plans, all sorts of plans, in case something happens.
I think maybe I can disguise the world as a princess,
make it unrecognizable, and safe. 

RS Disguises Princess

As one of the bears, it will be safe.
RS Disguises_Bear crop

or maybe as a tourist…
RS Disguises_tourist_soccerball

or beach ball,
RS disguises_globe_zorro

or mars.
RS disguise_mustache_mars

I’m going to save the world. It’s my job.
So, I’m working out plans for all sorts of war scenarios.

RS Plan for War 1 square

RS Plan for War 2 crop

But maybe I’ll just make enough porridge for everyone...

RS Plan for Starvation 3

RS Ladles

RS Plan for Starvation 1 crop

…or float the world away with balloons.

RS Escape 2

RS Escape Globe crop

And I can cool it down with ice.

RS Global warming 6

Global warming 4 crop

I will keep it safe.

Well, I’m her, I’m dressed up…

And I’m making plans.
RS Projection 2

I plan to copy the world as many times as possible, so you can’t be sure you’ve got the right one.

RS Camouflage 4 crop

RS Camouflage 5

RS Camouflage 4

I’m Goldilocks and it’s my job to save the world.


Works Shown: (all works installed or created at the White-Ellery House, Gloucester MA)

Plan for War,     Papier Maché, Paint, Army Figures, Flowers

Plan for Starvation,     Clay, stains, my grandfather’s table

Escape,    ‘Mylar’ Foil, String, Paper

Plan for Global Warming,    Clay, Ice, Buckets

Making Plans and Getting Ready,    Video Projection

Uniform,    Hand-dyed Polyethylene Fabric

Camouflage,    Blown Glass

Princess,    Photograph

Tourist,    Photograph

Soccerball,    Photograph

Beachball,    Photograph

Zorro,    Photograph

Moustache,    Photograph

Mars,    Photograph