Utopia: Over There

'Over There' was performed within the installation Utopia at the Turchin Center for Visual Art in Boone, NC. It was created by Matthew Cosper and performed by Ashby Blakely of Machine Theater as a response to the Utopia dream and installation.

In the dream there’s a baseball field, and on the other side is Utopia, where everyone has enough money for whatever they need. My brother and his friends, they get some sticks and go over to Utopia and they beat people up.

a collaboration with Machine Theater of Charlotte →

Utopia_OverThere 1

Utopia_OverThere 2

Utopia_OverThere 3

Utopia_OverThere 4

Over there, over there

Send the word, send the word over there

Utopia_OverThere 5

So prepare,  say a prayer

Send the word, send the word, to beware

Utopia_OverThere 6

We’ll be over there, we’re coming over

And we won’t come back ’til it’s over over there.

Utopia_OverThere 7

Over there.

Utopia_OverThere 8

Utopia_OverThere 9


Utopia_OverThere 10


Utopia_OverThere 11

Utopia_OverThere 13

Utopia_OverThere 14

Utopia_OverThere 15